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Melting Chocolate for Cooking: What you Should Know

If you make candy on a regular basis, you will need to melt some chocolate for the recipe. Although you may think that chocolates that are meant to be melted can be chopped in any way, there are actually proper ways to chop them. It is not as simple as throwing the chocolate bar into the microwave and expecting the best result.

How to Properly Chop Chocolate Before Melting

Before melting your chocolate, it is important to chop into small, uniform pieces. A number of chocolate brands can be bought in bite-size bars or wafer sizes which can be melted without chopping them. But, if you are looking to purchase big chocolate bars or bulk chocolate, you have to chop it before melting. Ensuring that the chocolate is in small, uniform pieces allows them to melt faster and more evenly without being overheated.

Chopping Tools you will Need

In terms of chopping chocolate, you can use a chocolate chipper, a serrated knife or a chef’s knife.

  • Chocolate chipper. This tool is used for breaking up big blocks of chocolate. It is best to use this if you are looking to chop big bulk bars. Keep in mind that this tool will overkill small, consumer-sized chocolate bars. Typically, it is available in small sizes with sharp metal spikes that protrude to the bottom. This chopping tool can be used by putting it in the corner of the chocolate block and applying pressure in a down-and-out motion in order to chip off a chocolate’s corner. Repeat this procedure as you work your way inwards. A chipper is important for a lot of home uses.
  • Chef’s knife. For chocolate chopping, picking a big straight-bladed knife that can be 8 inches to 10 inches long. Use it by pressing down evenly and firmly on the chocolate, starting with the corners and angling it slightly outward. As you work from the corners, whittle the chocolate gradually until it is chopped into almond-size pieces.

  • Long serrated knife. Using this tool to chop chocolate requires less force. To use it, start with a chocolate corner and use a smooth swing back and forth motion, pressing as hard only when needed. After having many cuts on a specific corner, rotate the chocolate and start on a new corner until you have chopped all chocolate into uniform pieces.

If you usually bulk chocolate, consider chopping it all at once and store the chocolate in small pieces. This will save you time in the long run and it’s always convenient to have chocolate ready to be melted.

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