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Everything You Must Know About Cooking Duck Meat

It’s a perfect dinner in December with the family, with pan-seared duck breast served with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. Duck meat is a staple in many households during the winter months, when the temperatures are really low and one needs something fatty to stay warm. With its thick skin and good fat content, duck meat is flavorsome and a very tasty alternative to chicken. If you are cooking duck for the first time, we have a few tips below for that perfect recipe.

  • Get your meat from the right source. Always get your meat from a good farm or company. If you have the choice, go for pecking duck from a seller like Canards du Lac Brome that cares for their birds. The quality of any meat is extremely important for cooking, and you would want to get that right.,

  • Don’t go overboard with seasoning. While there are endless ways to season duck meat, don’t be tempted to use a lot of things together. Duck meat is high on flavors anyway, which should dominate the recipe, and the seasonings are meant to add the extra notes. Many people stick to just salt and pepper, while others often use dried herbs with garlic and ginger.
  • Always use a cast iron pan. One of the important aspects of cooking duck meat is to get the searing right, for which the choice of pan is important. It is always better to settle for a cast iron pan, which takes its time to get to a high temperature and allows simple searing. In fact, all meats should be seared on a cast iron pan, even before grilling.

  • Start with a cold pan. Yes, you read that right. For many meats, it is advised to preheat the pan, but that’s not the case with duck meat. You want to render the fat as slow as possible, so always place the meat with skin side down on a cold skillet and turn on the gas at a medium high temperature.
  • Don’t add too much cooking oil/fat. Remember that the meat will release all the fatty juices as it cooks, so you don’t need a lot of cooking fat for getting the recipe done. For duck meat, a dollop of butter or a spoon of olive oil is more than enough. Also, keep collecting the duck fat juices as the meat cooks.

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