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A View of Indian Culture with Eating Habits (Eating With The Hands)

India has vast literature and minute things and practices make it productive. Every culture has its style of living. India’s rich heritage and different culture make it unique as compared to other religion. Eating habit is one of the essential parts of our Indian culture. It shows the Indian etiquettes of respect towards the food. Eating food with the hands is an ancient practice, and it is related to the sensual touch of fingers which gives a beautiful experience of Indian taste and shows feelings behind making the food. Although this practice is an integral part of eating habits all over India mostly people from south and east follow this practice while eating. On another side of the country, people follow the tradition of eating with cutlery. People eat with their hands in the urban area also but most commonly people from rural area follow this practice.

Ways to eat Indian food with your hands

If one will be using cutlery while eating Indian food, then they won’t be able to get the real touch and taste of Indian food. Few people think that it will be a messy procedure of eating food, but it won’t be much problem if one will follow the rules of eating food with hands properly. This is the reason everyone needs to know that how to eat Indian food with your hands. To enjoy the traditional Indian food aroma, one will have to sit down and also will have to follow the following steps.

  • First and the foremost thing is that the hands should be tidy and clean before having food. So, always make sure that one wash his/her hands before their meal.
  • One should still use the right side to serve or eat food at with as left side is considered as a dirty one in Indian culture. Also one should take care of this thing while serving food to others.
  • One should avoid letting the palms to be touched while eating by using only the tips of the fingers.
  • Always take bites from one dish at a time. If one will mix tastes from all the plates, then it will create a mess. So, to avoid it, one should go slow while eating.
  • If one is eating bread or roti, then they should first break the roti or bread into small pieces and keep it on the main dish. Then fold the dough into two halves which will get a pinch of food in between the two parts of roti and then you can eat it. One should always use fingers to try side dish.
  • If one is going to eat dal and rice, then he/she can pour the dal on the rice with the help of a spoon. Then it needs to be mixed with the tips of our fingers to avoid the messy palms and then he/she can eat it.

Why is it right to eat Indian food with the hands?

Eating with hands is very important as this way will always be available. In some places, you won’t get cutlery to have food. So, it is best to use your hands to eat the food. Also, our fingers work a knife, spoon, and fork which help to mix the food in a proper amount. Also, there are some Indian foods which can’t be consumed without the help of hands like dosa, samosa, potato curry, and chapati. Also due to the hygiene purpose, it is good to eat the food with the hands. We wash our hands properly before eating whereas using dirty or different metal made cutlery while eating can be unhygienic.

So, it is essential to know that how to eat Indian food with your hands. Eating food with the hands is a crucial aspect of enjoying the actual taste of Indian food as it also tells us about the ancient Indian style of eating food.

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